I love being a wedding pastor. I have a genuine connection with every couple I marry. Every groom is important to me and every bride is special. But this wedding can’t be topped.

On October 17, 2015 I had the honor and joy of presiding over the wedding of my daughter Kate and her new husband Dave, now known as the new “Mr. & Mrs. Behnen.” The ceremony took place at The Starline Factory in Harvard (the perfect venue for these guys). 12122700_906746819413869_5888821275786140935_n

This wedding has been on my calendar since Kate was about 5 years old (she just turned 25). The actual date has been set for more than a year. But people have been asking me for at least 5 years how I was going to handle the challenge of actually performing the ceremony for my only daughter. I did pretty well, if I do say so myself, meaning that I got choked up a few times and a few tears fell that day. But the truth is that, as I said in my message during the ceremony, it was “The next right step.” It was exactly that, in her life and in our relationship.

img_wedding_kb_jb_danceI’m proud to have an amazing married daughter, and a fantastic son-in-law. So, to all the couples I’ve married since I became a wedding pastor in 2009, and to all the couples I will marry in the years ahead… You are all genuinely special to me. Your wedding either was, or will be, an event that has great meaning for me. But I hope you’ll all understand, the wedding I performed on 10/17/15 will always be “The Big One” in the calendar of my life.

The Big One

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