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I’m Pastor Joe Besenjak. Welcome to Pastors Who Care. While weddings are the focus of my ministry, I refer to myself as “Pastor at Large.” I feel a special calling to come alongside couples, individuals and families who may not have a personal pastor or a church home, during any phase of life when the services of a pastor may be needed.

Please CLICK HERE to contact me. Let me know the date and location of your wedding, or the type of pastoral service you may need. I will respond as promptly as I possibly can.


I started Pastors Who Care in 2009 with Rev. Allen Eaton, a pastoral colleague I was working with at the time. Allen is still a close friend but he is no longer actively involved with PWC.

We started PWC for 2 primary reasons. First, we knew there were many individuals and families who were not currently connected to a church, but who needed the services of a pastor at various times in their lives. Secondly, we both felt a clear calling to serve those people by providing personal pastoral services when needed.

Whether you need a pastor for your wedding, or any other phase of life’s journey, feel free to contact me. If my schedule doesn’t line up with your need, I will be glad to try and connect you with another pastor in my professional network.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family!


Pastor Joe Besenjak